Vocabulary List #2

Vocabulary List #2 – Thursday, 12 September

(I handed this sheet out on the 12th and the 17th, but most of you were not there to receive it)

Advocate – n. supporter; v. to support
The counselor acted as an advocate for the girl who was accused of cheating.
The counselor will advocate for the troubled teenager when she goes to court.

Vindictive – bitter, mean
Don’t be vindictive towards your enemies; turn the other cheek and forgive them.

Articulate – adj. eloquent, well-spoken; v. to speak clearly
When he was on the debate team, the student was articulate and won many competitions.
I can’t quite articulate what is bothering me, but I will do my best to explain.

Collaborate – to work together
Our classes will have to collaborate on the fundraiser, so we must divide the tasks fairly.

Terminate – to end (‘term’-words often refer to time in some way)
Abrupt – brief, sudden
I hate to terminate this conversation so abruptly, but I have to go to work.

Misinterpret – misunderstand (‘mis’-words often imply that something is done incorrectly)
Don’t misinterpret what I’m saying, but I think you should change your clothes before we go out.

Reconcile – settle, bring into agreement
We need to reconcile the misunderstanding between you and your friend, because you have been friends too long to fight over silly things.

Selective – careful, choosy
When you shop for a used car, you should be very selective and do plenty of research beforehand.

Mitigated – made less severe
The judge mitigated the longer prison sentence that had been suggested, so the thief only had to serve five years instead of ten years.

Insightful – perceptive, excellent (in this case, ‘in’ means ‘towards,’ as in ‘towards being sightful,’ or ‘towards understanding.’)
Your insightful review of the play shows that you really understand drama.

Assessment – analysis, judgment
Indignant – angry, upset
When my brother read your harsh assessment of his ideas, he became very indignant.

Inconclusive – uncertain (‘in’-words often [BUT NOT ALWAYS] carry a negative meaning, and sometimes even mean ‘not’-, as in ‘invisible,’ or ‘not visible’)
The results of your blood test were inconclusive, so the doctor will have to run them again to determine what is wrong.

Inadequate – not enough (like ‘inconclusive,’ the ‘in’ of ‘inadequate’ means ‘not,’ so it is ‘not adequate.’)
The amount of water that I added to the koi pond was inadequate, so I will have to add 60 gallons more in order to fill it.



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