For Class on Saturday

This website lists the top 100 SAT words, defines them, and uses them in sentences. Not only might they show up as answer choices, they will also show up in the test as words in passages or as part of the multiple-choice questions (as opposed to the answers!), so LEARN THEM.

One of the things that was on the agenda for last Saturday was the essay prompt, which I discussed here. We will go over the steps on Saturday, but the most important things to remember are that you must have:

  • a clear thesis, or main point that you are arguing
  • supporting points (usually 3) that are reasons why you believe your thesis
  • examples that illustrate your points — draw examples and details from your life experience and from books.

Read that post and take notes on anything that confuses you — we will address your fears or concerns in class.

Vocabulary, as I have mentioned, is CRUCIAL. In addition to knowing the words posted on the site, you will also need to know the second vocabulary list, which is available here.

Come to class on Saturday armed with questions about reading comprehension and grammar. Please review chapters 5 & 6 in the SAT study guide.


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