Vocabulary Words

Abhor — to hate
Animal cruelty is a dreadful thing, and I abhor anyone who engages in it.

Bigot — narrow-minded, prejudiced person
When you say that you dislike a group of people because of the color of their skin, you sound like a bigot.

Counterfeit — fake; false
The saleswoman fortunately identified that twenty-dollar-bill as counterfeit; otherwise, the store would have been paid with illegal currency.

Enfranchise — give voting rights
The Civil Rights movement did a great deal to enfranchise American citizens who were not able to exercise their right to vote.
(to disenfranchise is to take away a person’s right to vote)

Hamper — hinder; obstruct
My inability to understand their language hampers my ability to speak with French people when I travel to Paris.


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