Wednesday’s Vocabulary Words!

1. insurrectionists — rebels
The insurrectionists took up arms against the king because they did not feel the government was just.
(remember — words that start with ‘in’ often mean that the definition includes opposition to the standard)

2. apolitical — not political
When you don’t vote in elections, and you don’t seem to care who runs the country, I suspect that you are apolitical.
(when a word has an a-prefix, it often means ‘a lack of’. In this case, a-political means ‘a lack of politics.’ Amoral means ‘a lack of morals,’ for example)

3. lucid — clear
When the teacher gave instructions regarding the essay assignment, she mumbled, so her words were not lucid.

4. expendable — disposable, not necessary
The soldiers were sent into a fight that they were sure to lose, because the general decided the soldiers were expendable.

5. tribulations — troubles
The story that my cousin told about his difficult journey to Baton Rouge was full of tribulations.


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